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1- Molecular weight of gas and apparent molecular weight of a gas mixture


 2- The gas compressibility factor z


3- The Gas volume at any condition of Pressure and temperature


4- The Average pipeline pressure


5- The heating value of gases BTU


6- The Crude oil Density and gravity


7- the Crude oil Viscosity and crude oil/water mixture viscosity


 8- Liquid and gas retention time in separators


9- sizing of 2 phase separator with examples


10- design of 3 phase separators with examples


11- Heat Required for heating crude oil


12- Salt Content in crude oil


13- Gas Orifice and gas rate Calculations


14- Liquid Measurements with orifice


15- Control Valve Sizing for gas and liquids


16- Water Content of Natural Gases


 17- Prediction of Natural Gas Hydrate Conditions


18- Hydrate Inhibition with Methanol and Glycols


19- Glycol Dehydration System Sizing


20- Design of Water Adsorption beds


21- Design Procedure for Iron Sponge Gas Sweetening


22- Design of Gas Sweetening Amine System


23- Calculation of pipe capacity of liquid and gas


24- Volumetric and Mass Flow Rates


25- Pressure due to Fluid head (height)


26- Liquid and gas pressure drop calculation


27- two phase flow pressure drop calculations



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